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Everett Store

10929 Evergreen Way Ste B

Everett, WA 98204

(425) 438 2050

Quicklight Computer Repair ● 10929 Evergreen Way ● Everett ● WA ● 98204 ● (425) 438 2050

All Rights reserved ©       “You break it. We fix it.”

Do we repair laptops?

Yes we do!

At our location in Everett, WA we have repaired and worked on more than 9,000 laptops! WOW! That, is a lot of laptops.

You name it. We have worked on it.

DC Jacks, we have worked on laptops of all kinds and shapes.

Broken LCD? You name it, we have repaired it. Laptop screen, smashed by the boyfriend or girlfriend, dropped, run over by the car, the dog sat on it or the baby pushed it off the table.

We know how to repair or replace a broken laptop LCD or LED screen.

Failed hard drives or DVD. We are the place to go for a repair.

We have plenty of replacement drives. We only use new quality brand hard drives and we can get your system up and running quickly.

Broke a key on the keyboard or broken plastics.

You broke it. WE can fix it!

By the way. We also sell AC Adapters. We keep a large inventory, so we always have one in stock. Just when you need it!

Batteries?! We sell those too. Wow.

Don’t go to those other guys or those Geek’s.

We have been in business repairing laptops for 8 years!

Call US (425) 438 2050 or bring you broken laptop down and we will Fix it.

We are updating out web site.