From blue screens to no screens we are your solution to repair of your laptop.

Our friendly certified technicians can isolate the problem and give you an accurate and speedy estimate reducing the need to worry about your data and investment.

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Types of Laptop Repair Information

Power Jack Repair Plus :

We specialize in power jack, system board repair.  When a power jack breaks it can short out the system board, and  cause damage. We have an unmatched success rate on our power jack repairs.

Cracked Screen - We use new  quality brand name LCD and LED to replace your cracked  or broken laptop screen.

Screen Problems - We have the testing tools to determine the root cause of your LCD or LED issue.

Dim Screen - are often caused by LCD and issues related to the inverter or CCFL.

Power Problems - Bring in your laptop and we can help you find the root cause of your Laptop Power issue.

Laptop Won't Load Windows - Windows or the Mac OS, or have error messages, and blue screens

Laptop Randomly Freezes - freeze, crash, or blue screen

Laptop Graphics Card Repair - Most laptops video card can not be replaced or repair. Only gaming or larger “entertainment” laptop have a replaceable video card.

Liquid Damage Repair - damaged by liquids

Laptop Virus Removal - infected by viruses

CPU Fan Replacement - replacing laptop cpu fans

Hinge Repair - repairing or replacing laptop hinges

Data - Backing up a customer's data, and importing backups

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