FREE REVIEW at the Front Counter

We do offer a free review of your laptop or desktop computer at the front counter.

Our review is limited to a visual inspection of the unit, powering the unit on to determine POST or BOOT, or examine start-up issue or error during start-up.

Our review does not include any “repair” or free support for application or support for use of any Operating systems.

Customer is offered the opportunity to check the system into our system for repair.

Our “free review” give the customer a chance to better understand the nature of the issue and receive a pricing on the cost of the repair for their computer or laptop.

Flat Rate Repair for Laptop and Desktops

We offer a flat rate for repair for laptop and desktops. Instead of charging an hourly rate, we provide a flat rate that cover the costs of our time to resolve the issues related to the repair of the system.

We reserve the right to offer optional pricing for minor repairs or additional work related to more complex issues.

Due increases in costs related to government regulations and taxes our rates have increased.

Flat Rate for Desktop Repair  $135

Flat Rate for Laptop Repair    $150

Front Counter Repairs

We do offer front counter repairs.

Basic repair to computer. Example: power supply, memory upgrade, video card installation or other component replacement or repair.

We often will complete repair at the front counter, time considering, for a hourly fee.

All hourly fees are in 30 minute blocks at $70 / hour.

Example: power supply replacement in a desktop. Price of power supply plus $35.

Customer Computer Pricing and Model information

Some customers have called, after looking at your models online and noted that they could find computer systems for less from Major brand retailers. Our response is that our computers are built with high quality components. If you want a plastic box with the logo on it then, please go to the Major OEM builder and purchase.

Warranty - Our systems come with 3 year hardware warranty on the major components from the manufacture.

Guarantee - we do offer a guarantee on custom built machines. Contact use for pricing on extended warranty for our systems.

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