Was started in April of 2004 by Paul Fischetti, as a start-up IT services business.
By June 15, 2004, we officially opened for our first day of business. Quicklight Computer Repair, was located for the next 13 years and 10 months at 10929 Evergreen Way, Suite B Everett, Washington 98204.

After nearly 14 years of proudly providing computer repair and information services to the greater Snohomish County we were forced to close. Quicklight Computers was owned and operated by Paul Fischetti.

My father Steve Fischetti worked at Quicklight Computers after retiring from Engineering Consulting. In February 2018 he suffered a stroke. Due to declining sales and health concerns, the business officially closed its doors on April 15, 2018.

As the owner and operator, we want to THANK the thousands and thousands of customers that came through our door. Our business was about customer service. The goal of the business was always to provide support service to customers.

The list of people we want to thank is very long. There are dozens of small business that used our services, purchased computers from us, and frankly ensured our business stayed in business for 14 years. I am forever grateful to all of those business customers.

Finally, it is corny and perhaps a cliché. In 2004, I dreamed of a computer repair store. I took my actual dream, my idea and put it on paper. I showed it to people, some laughed, and others told me to give up.

I was persistant and with blind faith, built a business, with less than $500, a credit card, sweat, tears, and my love of working on computers. I made that dream come true. It is easy to dream. It takes guts to make those dreams come true.

Thank you to all the customers.

April 15, 2018